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If you wanted to make a list of the best places to live in the greater LA area, Pasadena would have a good shot at topping the list. For starters, you can walk through Old Town’s brick-lined alleys for good food and eclectic nightlife, with bars and restaurants that range from hip and high-energy to quiet and comfy. Football fans recognize it as the home of the Rose Bowl, while armchair astronomers know it as the home of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. And when you make it your home, you discover that a responsive city government and attentive police force make it one of the safest neighborhoods anywhere. Let Pasadena Realtor, Joy Bolger show you around. Most homes priced around $900,000.

“I know some untapped areas to find a craftsman — or a huge mansion.”


For an amazing brunch, there’s Copa Vida — while if you’re looking for something a little sweeter, Coolhaus offers an all-out ice cream experience.


Old Town is perfect for shopping, with major brands balanced by local attractions like the Neon Retro Arcade or the Old Town Shaving Company.


With dance classes for every style, and a world-famous swing dancing scene, Pasadena has something for anyone who wants to get their groove on.

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Looking for the perfect home? Let Joy show you around. From the most popular shops and restaurants to the less-travelled pockets, Joy knows the city intimately. Meet up for coffee before, or grab a glass of red after.

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